4 Scenarios for Online Growth

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Picking the right strategy to propel your business forward online is dependent upon where you are in your business lifecycle.

Our strategies are tailored around what your business needs now and what it needs to grow.

When asked if we ‘do’ SEO or social media or whatever . .  the answer is, 'naturally.' Each has their place in the strategies and tactical plans we develop and implement for clients, and each has their place in your business's lifecycle.

Our mantra though is: Success through measured application.

There’s no magic bullet where developing a successful online presence for your brand is concerned. We’d forgive you for thinking there was though. Many SEO companies still say they can promise top positions in Google, a deluge of traffic and visitors to your site or even a wealth of new friends or like's on you social media venues.

Be careful what you wish for though.

There is an easy way to have your business show in top Google positions, they won’t be for visitor delivering terms though. But hey! You’ll be number one in Google!. Equally, there are several ways to get a lot of visitors to your site, but they are unlikely to be take the action you are looking for. 

Establishing a successful presence online and by that we mean profitable, requires a plan that considers how each digital service contributes and to what degree it is required to match your business and brand’s needs.

It’s back to the orchestra analogy: What music do you want to play for your particular audience? This translates in to the ‘instruments’ you need to play the tune they want to hear: not just a website, SEO, social media, etc, etc, but how they are used in concert with each other and how they are conducted.

Can you relate to one of these four scenarios?

Our experience has fought us there are 4 basic points at which a business considers or should consider it’s online strategy and how it’s executed. We use the term ‘online’ or ‘online’ presence because we don’t want to naturally assume ‘website.’ After all, your particular circumstances may be best fulfilled by a social media presence or a mobile ‘app.’

  • New online presence required
  • I’m now online, but we have no visitors
  • We’ve got plenty of visitors, but nobody is buying or contacting us
  • All is well, we have increasing numbers of visitors and they are profitable.

Each scenario requires a different approach. We assisted companies through each, even when you think everything is rosy, you still have competitors to think about.


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