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Is Digital Public Relations (Digital PR) any different from Digital Marketing?

We believe there is a distinct difference although the two are easily overlapped. It's important to draw a distinction between the two because of the emphasis digital PR places on the interaction with the intended target - the customer.

Digital marketing is a good term to describe what a business does online, often through a digital marketing agency such as ourselves,  to gain attention with its target audience and draw them in to whatever venue the business focuses on (usually a website). Part of this is Digital Public Relations. But digital PR deserves a niche of its own as what happens through digital channels can provoke reactions that are often beyond the control or expectations of the business owner. Capitalizing on the positive outcomes and mitigating the damage of negative outcomes from online campaigns requires a very specific approach.

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Digital PR Is Truly Engagement Focused

Digital PR focuses on building a relationship with the target audience. It's no surprise then that public relations of this nature uses social media, digital press releases, contributions to news sites and relevant expert or topical blogs. The difference though between PR handled this way to that found in more typical digital marketing campaigns, comes down to focus. Digital marketing campaigns, particularly those focused heavily on SEO, can become 'fire & forget' in an attempt to gain as much attention in as many venues as possible.

The goal of Digital PR is not just to initiate conversations and engagement around a brand, but also to home in on the 'conversations' already taking place. Direct engagement in ongoing conversations, particularly those not initiated by the brand is a powerful demonstration to the brand's audience that it listens and cares.

Many of the major brands have experienced the benefits of this approach. Social media has proven an elusive marketing tool for many large brands over the past few years. Some  'epic failures' have become required social media folk lore reading. Even today, when you'd think companies had a handle on social media, there are huge successes and failures. Here is a link to a few social media fails.

However, social media is just a tool in the Digital Public Relations Specialists tool bag. Add to this, email, digital press releases, review sites (like Yelp) online interviews through podcasts, viral opportunities through YouTube and reputation management and you start to get a better picture of the specific focus of digital PR.

Digital marketing campaigns, especially those with a heavy social media element can throw up unpredicted outcomes as we've shown. It's a good idea for even smaller businesses to monitor what is being said about them. Many business owners haven't even claimed their company pages on services like Google Places and Yelp. Owners are often mortified to find review sites where past customers have written unfavorable unsolicited reviews that have sat there for quite some time visible to all without a response. In some instances these have shown up in Google's organic search results when searches use that businesses brand name or products.

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Social Eyes In The Back of Your Head

So how do you keep looking forward but still have eyes in the back of your head?

There are tools that can help with your own 'home grown' Digital PR. These tools are essentially scanning the wen for 'Social Mentions;' instances where your company name, your own personal name or a product reference has been made in context. By this I mean in a positive negative or neutral manner.

One such tool resides at '' Simply put terms or web addresses that relate to your business or brand and see what comes up. The other simple thing you can do is Google those terms. If you Google "links:" you see all the web venues that mention your web address in some way. Be aware though, there's a lot of trash here too, but it can be useful.

There are time though when you need to turn to a professional online reputation management company. You'll find most big brands hire companies like this to 'watch their backs'. One such company is

Digital PR at Occam Digital

As a digital marketing agency, Occam Digital can certainly help most businesses get to grips with their Digital PR. We can assist your business in developing a comprehensive digital public relations strategy to tackle Brand promotion and in monitoring what happens to those campaigns once implemented.

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