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Change is one aspect of business and technology that can be counted on. Each project we encounter has it’s own unique defining characteristics, combining technology requirements and the need to quickly understand a clients' specific business environment and challenges. One size really doesn’t fit all.

This is reflected in the philosophy behind how we create our team at Occam. It recognises that technology and business is evolving at a rapid pace and to deliver the most up to date cutting edge solutions to our clients, we need to have similar resources available. That’s why our core team is small and nimble, drawing on expertise in technology, business, development, content creation and digital marketing.

This allows us to devise, create and deliver advanced solutions to clients’ online business challenges.

At Occam our Team is divided in to 5 disciplines:

  •   Online Strategy Development
  •   Digital Marketing Services
  •   Creative Design
  •   Website and Applications Development
  •   Content Creation

In short, we will:

  •  Examine your businesses online market potential
  •  Determine what you need to compete effectively
  •  Devise a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for your business, and;
  •  Implement it, by building only what you need.

Our team has worked with Fortune 500 and Times 100 companies as well as smaller businesses and startups. We’ve engaged with companies in the health sector, education, aviation, travel, transport, construction, finance and retail.

Online Strategy Development

Digital Strategy CreationWe draw on years of experience assisting companies developing realistic online strategies focused on developing brand awareness and new business. A core skill in this team is research and business analysis - the ability to dig down and understand a client’s business and identify the issues that really affect their online success. 

Digital Marketing Services

digital marketing servicesDevising a mix of online marketing techniques that best suits a client requires a team that understand the complexities of search engine optimisation, social media, how to ‘earn links’, content creation and placement and search marketing. Combined with other outbound marketing efforts, our team is experienced in creating and orchestrating holistic digital marketing strategies that fully embed the goals and objectives of a client’s business.

Creative Design

Great creative on a website, in social media, in the brand, related materials and collateral is essential for truly engaging experiences and for tying together messages throughout a user’s journey. Our creative team takes a world view of what you’re trying to achieve online and also how that may be communicated offline too. Always in concert with our other teams, our creative group adds a dynamic touch to your online campaign.

Website and Applications Development

advanced website designIn today’s online world creating an engaging experience for your target market is super critical. The website has traditionally been the place to engage and convert visitors in to customers, but that line is blurred now. As time moves on, online applications embedded in web pages, social media and standalone apps on mobile and tablet devices are now mainstream. Our team has excellent capabilities to develop custom experiences wherever they may be needed.

Content Creation

Creative content creation“Content is king.” We’ve all heard it, particularly as it is applied to search engine optimisation. We get that, but for our team it more a case of what you do with it that counts. Anybody can create content, that’s what blogs did, but not everyone can determine what the best content is for a particular scenario of business application and not everyone can combine that with a deep understanding of the world of search engines like Google. 

Our team creates content designed for a specific purpose and designed to develop engagement, whether for a website or a social media application. It’s a talented team of writers with journalistic backgrounds and passion for what they do for you. They’ve created content for some of the world’s largest airlines to some of the most notable newspapers.



The real strength behind our approach is that you’ll find an individual in more than one team. Each has a range of talents. For each job we undertake, we pull in the people with the right skills to create the mix we need.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a multi-national or a well funded start-up, our team has the experience to deliver the solutions your business needs.

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