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Personal Branding Development Through Search Engine Marketing


What Does It Do For You?

Online Visibility for what You Do, Clarity in what You Represent


Establishing and Developing your Online Personal Brand

As a high profile Executive, CEO, Industry Leader or Personality, it's essential you take control of your online persona - the impression of you that is being built through your day-to-day online activities. The best way to do this is develop your Personal Digital Brand and take control.

Personal branding requires a personal touch that's why we offer a very personalized approach to a very personal service. As personal branding consultants, our branding initiatives are not handled in the same way normal agency branding assignments are managed. We provide a dedicated individual to work with you. 

Personal brands suffer many of the same problems commercial brands do. That is, if you type in the brand name, company or full personal name, more often it shows up high in Google's search results - chiefly because it's usually fairly unique. However, if you type in the product, service or specialty the brand is supposedly known for or that which people would search for, it doesn't show up. Why? Answer, lack of good search engine marketing.

A personal brand needs search engine marketing, particularly SEO, just as much as commercial products and services do.

So, if, for example, you are a UK based Personal Branding Consultant, your personal brand, i.e. your name,  really needs to show up on the first page or two of Google's search results pages when people search for the term "personal branding consultant UK."

As people tend to search for answers to questions, they often type the question in to the search box. Developing your personal brand around questions you might answer in the course of the services you offer is an effective mechanism to achieve highly specific visibility.

The Personal Branding Process

Our process starts by really understand you, what you want to achieve through your online presence and what your unique branding elements are. From this we create your new brand statement.

From there, our discovery process explores your existing online digital footprint - what the internet knows about you today. We look at the digital space you wish to compete in, what you want to be known for and what your want people to find you for. From this we identify any problem areas and create a digital marketing strategy to develop your online presence and promote your personal brand. A central piece to this is identifying where and how you should engage your target audience.

Over time, this process establishes your new digital footprint, one that is easier to manage and develop, a process that generates a more consistent and reliable personal digital brand.

If you'd also like us to manage your personal brand, we'd be delighted to develop a proposal tailored to your personal requirements.


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