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We put your business digital marketing needs firstWhen clients come to us, we don’t immediately try to sell them a new website or a neat sounding social media campaign or even a list of link building, blogging and article posting campaigns.

Why? Well, because we don’t know you or your business.

Before we can recommend and prescribed course of activities, we need to know how your business ticks and the market it’s targeting online. A doctor doesn’t just reach for his prescription pad before he’s checked you out and we won’t either. 

In fact many of our clients are our clients because they were sold a series of unrelated courses of treatment that had little or no effect in generating new business online.

Your business, how it works, it’s markets and your expectations are the only thing we really talk about when we first meet to discuss your needs. This may lead to helping you understand what’s involved in achieving your objectives and we may talk through some of the option open. However, until we’ve really looked at your business and its online market we won’t be trying to sell anything to you.

Only when we are sure you understand what’s involved and are clear about your priorities, will we outline the steps involved and what you can expect.

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