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corporate digital marketing challengeBuilding brand equity and a deeper customer engagement experience is our digital marketing focus within larger companies.

Success relies on creating more engaging and immersive experiences to connect with your core market demographics. We help you ‘re-imagine’ how you engage your audience through the variety of venues and technologies they may use.

Translating a corporate marketing program or brand campaign in to a successful online campaign requires a high degree of internal understanding, education and communication across the departments involved.

Corporate digital marketing - multiple stakeholders

What we do for you:

  • developing integrated digital marketing strategies
  • building brand equity
  • developing customer engagement
  • increasing customer loyalty and retention
  • stakeholder communication & education

Corporate digital marketing programs have multiple stakeholders, from individual product managers looking to get their message out, brand managers ensuring message continuity and focus, to PR and the legal department.

Each group will look at the digital marketing plan through different eyes. Our goal is to focus on developing cohesion between the groups by creating a plan that each department can take ownership in while still meeting its principle objectives.

Favoured status in search

Within the search world, solid brands tend to perform well overall. Trust, solid visitor interest and demonstrable engagement go a long way to establish the validity a company’s online presence to search engine alike Google. Naturally drawing visitors, citations, reviews and inbound links means the brand’s web presence will likely achieve good rankings for core search terms.

Objectives are often beyond simple considerations for keyword rankings, although still very important. Priorities may focus on creating and promoting new branded terms, perhaps because of new technologies that provide direct customer benefits.

Increasing customer retention and loyalty through engagement strategies is critical in developing the brand experience. We help you do this either directly on the website or through branded social media channels.

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