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Does your business operate on a local, national or international level or even all three? Each has a very specific impact on your online strategy.

An area many small businesses struggle with is seeing larger brands dominate the search results for the search terms they themselves would like to rank for. How can you possibly out rank a large brand?

Local Search OptimisationThe answer comes from looking at the issue from two directions: The first is in realising that Google singles out local companies through its local search algorithm. The second relates to building a well know and trusted brand yourself, even if it’s just a local brand.

You’ll have got used to seeing search results that contain a blend of regular search results and an area that lists local businesses along with a map or pin. It’s important for local businesses to appear in this ‘local search pack’ for key business search terms. To do that you need a well optimised and performing website and a local social media presence, preferably through Google+, as you’ll notice that those local results often include a reference to the business’s Google+ Page.

The local search algorithm results are typically seen when using mobile device to search or when you specifically include a geographic reference in your search or search settings.

There are other strategies to employ in achieving a good local presence, something Occam works through with you when creating the local part of your digital marketing strategy.

Building a local brand is a way you can stand out from larger more well known brands. Occam can show you how to do this through social media and activities that relate to local events. Local business directories are another approach, although care needs to be taken.

Your local market represents a position of potential strength, one you should capitalise upon and shine out. People know you locally, if they don’t you need to work on that through local activities and networking. When they do know you, they can support you, particularly if as a local business you support the activities of your local community. This all drives ‘buzz’ around you and your company’s brand. ‘Buzz’ or social mentions are something that Google pays attention too and helps you gain that all important position in the local search results pack.

Work with Occam Digital and we will help you develop an enviable online local brand.

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