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Quick traffic and instant results. Pay-Per-Click, for instance Google Adwords, is the only way to guarantee any kind of visibility on the first page of Google for terms important to your business. The catch of course is that you pay for it.

Even so, it’s an effective part of your online strategy, especially if you have little to no visibility because your site is very new. It’s also useful for targeting new areas of business and testing out how traffic responds or engages with pages you send the traffic too.

search engine marketing pay per clickSearch marketing is often pitched as a short term way to generate traffic while you wait for your site to generate traffic from organic searches. However, it’s also a long term strategy too as it can provide visibility for a wider range of search terms that an optimised landing page may now show up for.

The key issue is ROI. Services like Google Adwords provide effective monitoring and measuring tools that tell you exactly how your campaign is performing. All you need do is record the sales or conversions you actually make and calculate your return. If it continues to be positive, why not keep on doing it?

One Goal - Attract Revenue Generating Customers Immediately

  •   Effective PPC Ad writing
  •   Effective Bid management
  •   Quality landing pages
  •   Effective calls to action
  •   Tracking and improving budget use

Critical to a search marketing campaign’s success is the landing page your PPC visitors arrive at. It’s not enough to send a PPC visitor to your home page, only to have them search again for what interested them in the first place. You must take them to a page especially crafted to match their expectations and original intent behind their click. if you don’t, their gone in a flash and you’ve just wasted hard earned cash.

Occam runs search marketing campaigns for numerous clients. We create the campaigns based on our research of your market and competitors, set them up and manage them for you, providing regular performance reports. We’ll also create the matching landing pages for you too.

Google isn’t the only game in town. Both Bing and Yahoo offer similar PPC services. 

An alternative to consider is a PPC campaign based on social media. Examples include Facebook’s ad service and that of LinkedIn. These can be very effective for particular types of products and services. It’s also possible to pay for specific promotional campaigns based on ‘sponsored’ ads that appear in the main streams of social media services. 

Our goal is to put together the most effective mix of both organic search campaign and paid search marketing campaigns that match your need and budget.

Can PPC Help With SEO, Do I Need to Do Both?

Kind of and yes.

We must point out that Google does not give preference in the organic search results for companies that advertise using Adwords.

A PPC Campaign can actually help your SEO efforts indirectly by helping you understand your site's usability and converting power. Part of this may be the information structure and getting that right does help your SEO. What it can also do is increase your brand visibility and increase the relevance of your organic listings to searchers.

PPC is particularly important to new websites or websites that have not yet achieved a significant level of visibility in the natural, organic search results. 

Achieving a 'Page 1' listing on Google can take a long time and will require a lot of SEO effort, probably from a company like ourselves. In the mean time, you still need business! PPC is a quick way of getting visibility that generates traffic to your site, and hopefully, business too!

SEO then is a longer term effort that should be started immediately, but in the interim it can be supported by a PPC campaign. As revenues from organic search positions increases, you can scale back the PPC campaigns.

Also, monitoring what happens to a visitor as they enter your site and how they move around your site pages, can provide valuable information as to the site's usability and where attention may be required. This can uncover SEO issues too.


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