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Social Media Is Essential Marketing Communications

Social Media has made mass communication available to all. It should then be a key element in your business’s PR and customer service plan. It doesn’t matter how small your business is, how you engage your customer base requires thought and a consistent approach, and social media can definitely help. It does take a lot of effort, perhaps not initially, but once you have an steadily growing ‘fan’ base, keeping them ‘fed and amused’ can become a challenge. By far the greatest time consumer is identifying and writing engaging content, engaging fans and managing fan feedback.

Social Media MArketing LondonWhat you get back from social media all depends on how much time and effort you or your staff want to spend on it. Whether you choose to keep things in-house or allow an external company to manage your social media presence for you, we can help, here’s how:

What We Do to Help Your Business Succeed in Social Media

  •  We can create the food and entertainment required to engage fans at a content level
  •  We can manage your Social Media venues for you, alerting you to specific customer issues as they arise and notifying fans of announcements, changes, updates etc
  •  We can promote your products and services, through third party blogs and syndicated content promotion.
  •  We provide regular reports that mean something to you other than a bunch of numbers
  •  We can suggest ways to improve your business to make the most of continuing technology and service improvements.
  •  We deliver a real return on your investment, if we don't, fire us!

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Here To Stay

Social media is here to stay. Sure, it’s going to evolve like any other service. However, with close to 1 billion users on Facebook and a myriad of other social venues each offering their particular spin on how to connect and share, it can’t be ignored by businesses.

The simplest approach a business can take is to use a Facebook Page. A business profile page that is public and can be seen by the search engines.

Facebook’s ‘timeline’ for a business page allows a business to update it’s followers chronologically which can be used to great effect when promoting the stability and authenticity of a Brand.

Use the Facebook page to ‘inform’ rather than sell. Hard sales pitches on Facebook don’t tend to do so well. The goal is to ‘socialize’ your audience, warming them towards you. Make your audience feel comfortable with your products and services by displaying expert knowledge about your subject, offering advice, “how-to’s”, tips, updates on products, how others use your products and services. You are looking to engage your audience and entice then to interact.

Use information and commentary as seeds for discussion with your audience, inviting them to participate and share. Actively seek out opportunities to help others that may benefit from what you do.

Your goal is to have visitors to your Facebook Page recommend you to others and share your page with their friends. Each time they do this, the potential for visits to your main website increases, and that is where you can really sell.

Don’t ignore other social venues, such as Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Interest, YouTube. Each has a specific way to reach your audience depending on the nature of your business.

  • Top Tips For Business Success Using Social Media
  • Keep things simple, maximize your time and effort
  • Interact, share, don’t lecture
  • Admit your mistakes, don’t hide anything
  • Keep your focus, don’t waste your time
  • Always be looking to add value
  • Be aware of Facebook’s rules for business users
  • Start using Apps to engage your visitors
  • Direct external users to Apps where you can provide a focused experience.

The key to being successful with Social Media sites is being transparent, helpful and authentic.

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