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Having a visitor find something of interest to them once they hit your website or social media venue is the very least you need to achieve.

On it’s own though, simply answering the question that led the visitor to your site is just the start though, as it’s not likely enough to make them take the action you want them to.

visitor engagementIt’s not too different from a person browsing in a shop. They may find something that they like, but they may still walk out and buy from somebody else. The truth is, they need much more convincing as to why they should choose your product or service.

Engagement is crucial to helping them through this period of uncertainty. 

What is visitor engagement?

It’s the process of exposing the visitor to different aspects of your brand and experience so that they may become more comfortable in saying ‘yes’ when they are eventually asked to take the action you’ like them to. In a way, you’re trying to provide further justifying to the visitor just why your business is the right choice. 

The many forms of engagement

Engagement takes on many forms and depends on your visitor and what you’d like them to do. Central to it though is making the visitor feel comfortable in choosing your service.

You might choose to provide a host of testimonials as simple evidence. Case studies for more sophisticated products and services may work for you. Often, for specialist and professional services, articles and white papers that talk about the issues that brought your visitor to the site searching for answers to can help convince the visitor of your expertise in their field of interest.

Active commentary that involves you or your staff interacting directly with site visitors may be appropriate for your type of business. This helps show the humans side of your business and the quality of your customer service.

You may choose to provide examples of your social media activity or even lead the visitor to your social media venue so they may interact with others already comfortable with your services and products. Socialised visitors often convert to customers more readily.

More lifestyle oriented businesses may look at engaging their visitors through competitions or quizzes.

There are many ways to engage visitors to your online business further, many dependent upon your particular business and visitor profile. When Occam creates a digital marketing strategy for your business, we consider all those that may be especially appropriate for your business and present you with a coherent plan that matches your business, budget and desired involvement.

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