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Whether you have a website, a social media presence or not, but you’ve decided to start over, do something new or even just take your first steps and are looking for guidance, this is where we can do most good.

Typically businesses that are deciding to start over with their online presence are doing so because things aren’t working as well as they’d hoped or just want to approach things differently. This is an excellent point at which we can help your online presence right by ‘beginning with the end in mind.’ 

How we get you started

  • review your business objectives
  • analyse your market dynamics
  • identify your competitors
  • conduct search term discovery
  • identify niche strategies
  • outline a unique plan for your business online
  • use our resources to manage an build what you need

Your business objectives and online expectations are critical to success and need to be balanced by the realities of your online market. We’ll come up with a strategy and working plan that considers not just your needs, but the needs and expectations online of your target audience. 

Your online competitors may not be the same companies your meet in your regular day to day operations. Often, practices you use to win deals directly with clients against the ‘usual’ competitors, won’t work online - simply because it’s a different audience and your competitors online are different too. Just pick a search term that people might use to find your product or service and see who comes up in Google. Recognise them?

Once we have reviewed your business and desired outcomes, we look at the online environment - market and competitors. We’ll look for the search terms that your target audience use to discover the types of products and services you offer. Our goal is to identify niche terms that you may not be aware of. Ideally we want to identify ‘lateral’ strategies to target your market, as these are often more lucrative. Only then will we come up with a plan. 

We won’t just say you need a new website or you should be using Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter or have a YouTube channel or a host of other options that just roll off the tongue. We will only suggest what we think is going to work for your business and provide a strategy for achieving that.

Once we have the plan, we'll put it in to action for you and work with our trusted partners to build it for you. We use the right people for the right job.

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