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You're tasting success! You've got people coming to your website or social media venue and better still they are taking the action you want them to. So job done; right?

Crowds of customersYou might well ask us if you need to continue with the digital marketing campaign, particularly any SEO aspects. After all, it appears to be working by itself, with a few blog posts and articles every now and them to keep things fresh.

It’s a good question, and we’ve certainly had clients stop. What happened? Not much initially. After a few months, sometimes longer, performance slows some what. Eventually, depending on how competitive your market space is online, you’ll loose those hard earned rankings and visitors. You might be fortunate and generate much of your expose through social media and not organic search. In which case you may not notice much change at all, especially if it’s your staff that are maintaining the social media campaigns. If you were to stop these though, the results would be the same - lost business.

So what’s going on?

The first thing to understand is that if you are in a competitive market space, you may stop working on your digital marketing, but your competitors probably won’t. You can expect to see your ranking performance suffer as competitors keep pace with Google’s algorithm changes and keep working to refine and consolidate their hold on a particular keyword niche.

The second thing to appreciate is that when you reach the top, there’s only one direction you can go - down. Gaining visibility on page one doesn’t just get you eyeballs with your prospective clients, it also puts you out front and centre with your competitors. Savvy competitors will analyse your site and online activity to understand your optimisation strategy and tactics, much in the same way we did to get you where you are now. From this they will identify what they need to do out rank you.

What should you do?

Your strategy does need to change. Whereas to this point you may have targeted key service areas for your business, represented by popular key phrase searches, you now need a blended strategy.

One one side you need to protect what you’ve achieved, on the other you need to counter the moves your competitors make. All the while, you’ll be looking to continue to find opportunities to expand your digital footprint and brand awareness. The more extensive your visibility, the more people will take note and the more trust you will garner; from your market and from Google.

One thing we at Occam Digital are mindful of and care passionately about is ‘adaptability.’ Strategies are meant to be flexible. They have to adapt to changing market dynamics. They are not cast in stone. We help you or create for you the strategies that are right for a particular time and phase of your business.

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