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You listened to your web designer and have a great looking site. You were advised to write or have written for you excellent content that people want to read. Still though, the only people who visit your site are those that you tell about it.

So what’s gone wrong?

For people that don’t know about your business to visit your site requires that they find you online for something they are searching for that relates to your business. We are back to search terms - keywords, again. 

How we get you noticed

  • identify how people search for your services
  • match site architecture with your market
  • identify key content requirements
  • optimise content
  • create intuitive navigation
  • build relationships Google understands

Your copywriter may have mentioned that, even your web designer, the one that told you your site was search engine friendly. Even so, there’s still something missing.

The bit that’s missing is an appreciation for how people search and in particular what Google understands your site is about. Google tries to relate what people search for with ‘things’ it understands about your business. It tries to match ‘questions’ with ‘answers.’

It’s like having the conductor and orchestra ready, but not having an audience for them to to play to. Similarly, Google is like the critic who reviews and rates the performance. To be able to tell people about it Google needs to understand it so that it can feature it in the search results that make sense and offer the most value for search users. if it doesn’t do a good job, then Google, the critic, won’t rank it very well.

To do that it needs to have a good idea what your site is about and how it relates to the market you want to attract. This requires a well thought out structure to your site. We’re not just talking about the site’s navigation; we’re talking about who information on the site is curated - the site’s information architecture. In particular, how what you offer relates to all the possible things people might need your business for and how they relate to each other and other things Google knows about.

Without a clear site architecture and content strategy, there’s no basis for a solid search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy.

The reason most websites fail to get the attention they need is because there are like an orchestra without a score and conductor.


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