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No business from websiteAn all to common and very frustration situation faced by businesses is when they have visitors to their website or other venues, but few are taking the actions hoped for and converting in to sales opportunities. That may be to fill out the contact form or contact them using the phone or email.

It's like people wandering in to a shop and walking straight out again without saying a word.

So what's the problem?

We see this all the time. The visitors that are showing up are either the wrong type of visitor or fail to be convinced they are in the right place. Sometimes these issues can be improved by making adjustments to the pages on a web site or social media page.  The route cause though is usually the same - the lack of an effective digital marketing plan, underpinned by quality research and intelligence. The actual solution is often a little more aggressive, one we help you come to terms with and implement.

More often than not, there's not one specific problem to solve, but many. Generally though we find the following common traits:

  • You're getting the wrong visitors.
  • Visitors expectations are not matched by the landing page's key messages.
  • Landing pages don't address the visitors intent and fail to engage.
  • Landing pages lack clarity and either distract or confuse the visitor.
  • Visitor aren't convinced by or don't buy in to the value proposition.
  • Landing page talk more about the company,its products and services, than the visitor's needs.
  • The call to action lacks authority or is missing.
  • Visitors find it difficult to get the information they need.
  • Landing pages are too slow to load or don't display well on the visitors access device.


When assigned, Occam reviews your existing marketing plan and expectations, then compares that with how it is reflected in your online activities such as your website and social media venues. Wetake a detailed look at visitors site usage patterns and pin point problem areas. What we then do is conduct our own research into your online market and present you with what we think your approach should be.

We'll go ahead and manage its implementation if you so wish.

Why not talk to Occam today and let us help you convert more visitors in to sales opportunities?




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