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In the field of digital marketing there's always something new happening. From new technologies being introduced to the search engines mixing things up and battling those trying to game the system, to basic user trends and attitudes.

We are in contact with all these groups on a daily basis and, of course, have our own opinions too. What would the world be without opinion?

This is an index of articles we write from time to time providing our opinion on what the many changes across these areas means to our clients from a business perspective.


Regardless of how we may feel about it, if we interact online, no matter in how small a way, we leave a digital footprint that could identify us and be used for some others purpose. So intentional or not, your personal brand is already under development.

What is your personal brand? Your personal brand represents the total experience somebody has when they interact or engage with you and what you represent. For many, their digital interactions are extensive involving many venues and media types. In short, personal brands should be considered holistic in nature.

Google's Been At It Again!

Actually, they are always at it, that is, evolving how local brands appear in local search results. However, have you noticed when you search for a search term that may have a relationship with a Brand name how that Brand starts to appear in search results? It was possible to see a single page of search results dominated almost by one company.

Google’s been playing with it’s algorithm again. Luckily some of it’s earlier attempts to recognize the brand strength of a company on the web have been reduced somewhat. However, it does point to where Google is driving. It wants to reward brands.

Marketing your company professionally online is not a short term strategy if your end game is brand value and recognition in your market. It takes an investment mindset to be successful. Anything else in today's online world is destined to melt away."

The title statement of this article has always provoked a mixed reaction in the companies I have worked for and with. Particularly where I say it should be considered an investment and not a cost. More though in the companies I have worked for and more often it's not received well by the financial peeps, sending financial controllers scurrying for their calculators and gesticulating wildly at time sheets and billable hour numbers.

Of course, without our lovable accountants and controllers the more creative among us would probable lead us in to bankruptcy. We need a balance, so credit where credit's due. Pun intended. But I digress.

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