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In the field of digital marketing there's always something new happening. From new technologies being introduced to the search engines mixing things up and battling those trying to game the system, to basic user trends and attitudes.

We are in contact with all these groups on a daily basis and, of course, have our own opinions too. What would the world be without opinion?

This is an index of articles we write from time to time providing our opinion on what the many changes across these areas means to our clients from a business perspective.


what is digital marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

More importantly, why is it important for your business?

Most people are familiar with the term ‘internet marketing.’ For most it represents advertising and marketing activities as seen through search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!. People also related the term to email marketing, PPC and other display advertising, such as website banners. In short the term ‘internet marketing’ has become a bit of a catch all term. But it doesn’t catch everything though.

Link builders have tended to seek out more and more sophisticated ways of trying to edge around Google updates. For digital marketing folks it seems like a never ending cycle. Many 'grey hat' techniques have been developed to boost the value of links. Eventually, Google plugs the holes and they don't work anymore. Looking back, it's clear that although they were termed by their implementers as 'grey hat,' their objective actually makes them black hat techniques in the long run and thus risk damaging the sites they are used on. So what's the best way to develop and integrate a linking plan in to your digital marketing strategy in 2013?

Social media for aviation companies

The economic woes of the past several years certainly took their toll on the General Aviation industry. A major talking point of course was the corporate jet, but unfortunately, not in a positive way. Which is a shame, because as most people in aviation know, aircraft used by private business people can significantly boost efficiency, particularly getting to multiple geographically dispersed meetings in a single day. 

This article looks at social media in aviation and why the industry is missing out.

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