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In the field of digital marketing there's always something new happening. From new technologies being introduced to the search engines mixing things up and battling those trying to game the system, to basic user trends and attitudes.

We are in contact with all these groups on a daily basis and, of course, have our own opinions too. What would the world be without opinion?

This is an index of articles we write from time to time providing our opinion on what the many changes across these areas means to our clients from a business perspective.


Business communication technology seems to advance at a daily rate and as users we seem to have an insatiable appetite for it. Mobile services are at the center of many people’s lives, relying more each day on a growing cloud of applications to meet their interaction needs. This increased ‘connectedness’ is reflected in users demands that the businesses they interact with digitally provide equally responsive experiences through the many web venues open to them - be that a website or a social channel. 

This is placing a huge burden on many businesses for skills and time. Our goal is to simplify your options and present you with a manageable solution.

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