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Most of the clients that come to us do so because the website they have just doesn't work. Sure, it may look great, even be fairly new. It may have pretty good content. Yet, it doesn’t generate any business.

Often we are asked to do some form of magical SEO to propel them up the Google rankings presumably because that’s an easy solution - after all we all probably get emails from SEO companies telling us how they can do it.

The fact is, the site itself is flawed; right from the start. Clients will be shocked at hearing this, because they have been told that their sites have SEO already built in. How can that be? SEO is a many horned beast often lead by less than trustworthy companies promising essentially what it really can’t promise. Nobody can guarantee you a first place listing in Google’s organic search results. We can show you many we have achieved for clients, but we’ve never told them we would guarantee that - because we don’t control Google!

Developing a great website requires a number of ticks in the box. Understanding this is often way outside the abilities and even desire of the average business.



What does this involve?

01 Understanding how your target market seeks out your products and services. This is often referred to as keyword research, but it’s a whole lot more since Google’s Hummingbird was set free. Forget keywords and think ‘intent.’ It’s a whole different ball game.

02 Creating a framework for the ‘knowledge’ contained in your site. Google is evolving in to a knowledge engine. It wants to provide answers to questions and to do that it has to try to understand the intent behind the question - the search query. It’s easy to think that this framework is simply a navigation structure - it’s not.

03 Exploring and developing the content that forms the basis of the knowledge on the site. Just having somebody create a bunch of nice sounding words wrapped up in a post of at least 400 words isn’t going to get you far - just as far as everyone else that’s been told to do the same thing. Google is looking for more. Forgetting Google for a moment - your audience is looking for more.

04 Building the site on something more than just ‘website tonight’ or a multipurpose Wordpress template. While these may serve the purpose of getting something live, ask your self this - “Is you business a template business?” Templates are cheap because, well, their templates. Sooner or later you’ll find their limitation and have to put your hand in your pocket for some expensive changes - and that’s if your lucky enough to have got any business from it.

05 Keeping up with the constant changes that Google makes and adjusting your web presence to suit. If you’re committed to generating business through the online channel and need a continual flow of new business from search, this is very important to you survival; if only because your competitors will probably be doing it.

We figure all this out for you. Then we use our resources to design and build the site that’s right for your business. It’s our strategy that we have the web designers and developers build to, not the product of a graphics designer or an individual developer. The final result is a website designed to generate business as opposed to fit in to somebody else’s portfolio.

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